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Friday, August 10, 2012

Let’s MX IT UP (Assigning Groups for Classroom Collaboration)

Using these sticks is a great way to get students into organized, even groups, pairs, or teams, for classroom assignments and activities.

This is an idea I got while attending the SAS course. The professor made a set that used math symbols, numbers, letters, moths, days of the week, and more. 

When I made my sticks, this morning, I wanted them to make them work for my classroom set up.

My Mix it Up Sticks

Here’s what I did…
I used 5 different colors of popsicle sticks (I had to paint the purple). The five colors correspond to the table colors in my Art Room. 

I used numbers, artists (from my curriculum), types of line, shapes, craft goodies, and more to finish my “Mix it Up” sticks.

Here are just a few ways the sticks can be used…
ž To get students into table groups – Pass out sticks at random or as kids walk in the door. Students go to the table that matches their stick. (In the past I have used color cards to do this.
žAssigning a table leader or spokes person- pass out all the same color stick to the matching table. Student with a number _____ is the table leader.

Getting into groups
Pass sticks out at random
žFor groups of 4 – find the people who have the same 2 shape (Star= free choice)
žFor groups of 3 – find the people who have the same craft goodie as you
žFor pairs- find the student who has the same artist as you
žFor large groups of 6-7 – find the people who have the same type of line
žFor splitting into 2 teams – use letters A and B

Troeg and Olive would not move
 until I snapped a photo with them in it.
Such attention hounds !


  1. Great idea - once they get into routine it should make breaking into groups a very smooth a very smooth process.I've put your link into my blog Dream Painters.... (I only started it a week ago, so I'm new to it all!) Cheers, Elizabeth

  2. I like this idea. So, there are 8 different things on the sticks (including the color?)

  3. I thought it was so great too when I saw it. I am excited to test it out.
    I have 7 things
    artist name
    color(of the stick)
    craft goodie
    type of line