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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens: Monumental Mosaics

Today I had the kind of Professional Development day Art Teachers dream about!!!

This photo was taken using the FREE Photosynth App (LOVE IT!)

We went to Philly
Saw great Art
Ate a really good Ruben
Met an eccentric Artist
Toured his working space
His home
And more working space
Everything applied to me and what I teach!

We went to Philadelphia’s Magic Gardens to meet artist Isaiah Zagar 
and explore his monumental mosaics.

I can’t believe I have never been there before! If you live close (or not) it is a trip well worth taking!

We set out on a mission to learn as much as possible about Isaiah, his process, and relationship with his community, so we might be able to design out own community art projects or spaces.

We got all that and more!

 We had the opportunity to tour Isaiah’s home and current warehouse project along with the 
artist himself and his dog Mr. Blue.

 I know my gears are already turning. I want to mosaic so badly!

I can’t wait to see what types of wonderful collaborative and community based 
art projects this trip inspires.

The Fabulous Art Ed staff of EPSD

Thank you Isaiah for a truly wonderful day!

The windows may have been my favorite part

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  1. Yes, this is a dream in-service! Very jealous! That is so neat that you got to meet him!! (Also, I need to download that app!)