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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Cubist Guitars

It’s full on Rock and Roll madness is the Art Room as Second graders learn about sound, cubism, and engineering a guitar.

This project was so exciting for my students as I threw up my hands and said "go figure it out".
After learning about Picasso and other Cubist artists and looking at a lot of guitars, students tried their hands a building something they had never built before. 

Their mission was to build a guitar, that could actually be played, in a cubist style.

S - Investigative process and sound study
T - Listening to music though various sources
E - Constructing a guitar from recycled materials
A - Study of artist, Pablo Picasso and Cubism, creativity, drawing, painting, imagination
M -`Problem solving skills

Here are just a few images to share about our process…

We drew guitars in a cubist style and thought about materials we may need to complete out designs.

We painted to music using blue paint, our hands, and a comb

Students collected hollow containers and other recycled objects that could be repurposed into a guitar. 

They constructed their own working guitars using adhesives like masking tape and a variety of glues.

Rubberbands were used for strings. 

objects were placed under the strings to change the pitch.

After building, students used tempera to paint their unique creations. 

This lesson has been adapted from a lesson I have taught in the past, where students created Cubist Guitar Collage.
Both lessons have been a lot of fun and highly successful.  


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