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Monday, August 26, 2013

Let's Get THINKING!!!

the thinker

  • Over the next couple of weeks students at Greenwood Elementary are going to be encouraged to get "Thinking" about ART.
    This will be an ongoing journey throughout the year. 
    We will be asking questions like...
    What is Art???
    Where is Art???
    Who MAKES Art???
    How is Art Made???
    What do I THINK about Art???
    What QUESTIONS do I have about Art???
    Since Art is obviously happening in our Art classroom this assignment/ project is more about what's outside our Art room.
    I want students to begin looking for Art at home, outside,  at the park, at the mall, EVERYWHERE!!!
    Then much like "planking" students should take pictures of themselves "Thinking" about art.
    The Thinking pose is modeled after The Thinker, Auguste Rodin's famous bronze cast sculptures. (as seen in our class bulletin board)
    Here are two pictures of me "Thinking"

    Join us in Thinking!

    Post Thinking pictures to #Thinkaboutart @GWDES_Arts
    and be sure to follow GWDES_Arts to see lots of other fun things happening around our art classroom.

    I am excited to see where this project takes us as we really DISCOVER ART though thinking! 


  1. Ren:), Tell your students! they can #thinkaboutart with us!

  2. Michele, I have nominated your blog for a Liebster Award! I love your dedication to your students and the innovative things you do teaching art :) Please check out my blog to see what to do next! Keep up the great work!