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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Passionate Posting!

Hi Blog world!

I must apologize for my brief hiatus from Olive Art!

I have recently become enamored with Instagram and Twitter as means of sharing my classroom and rich professional development.

I am amazed with the ease of posting photo after photo, of student artworks and art room happenings, throughout my day, with out needing to open my Macbook or even write a lot about it. I don't have to worry about page layout or even full sentences. It is awesome that parents and student can follow me and my students can share their work with everyone. I love to see them point out their work on Instagram and ask me about it in class.

Follow us on Instagram!!!! @GWDES_Arts 
and me on Twitter @MComp_OliveART

Also you aren't using Twitter for professional development I highly suggest you try it out. I am loving following other art educators such as....



 (just to name a few awesome ART Educators utilizing Twitter!)

... and participating in (or just stalking) Twitter Chats! This is where my inner nerd comes out and my love of teaching is put into text and photo.

I am continually inspired by the ideas of others, the articles shared, and the energy and excitement they have for teaching.

I am in love with this Passionate Posting!

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  1. Thank you for the mention! If you feel up to it, please check out my blog as well! See you on the Twitter side!