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Monday, August 4, 2014

Still here?!?! The start of the Picture Book Parade

With all of the other means of sharing what's happening in my classroom, I must admit it has been hard to keep up with this blog. Now that I am totally hooked to my ipad, I rarely open my computer. Though this moment has quickly reminded me of how nice it is to type on a full size keyboard.

I have thought about removing this blog but I feel it unfair to all of you who follow and have Pinned and saved ideas that you wish to come back to in the future. To all of you feeling the same way about your blog's "I understand"

Back in November I did a post called Passionate Posting! , where I wrote about my excitement over utilizing Twitter and Instagram to share student art, lesson ideas, and engage in professional development. 

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Still the blog is such an amazing way to share larger amounts of information and images. 

Let's face it... Sometimes 140 characters just isn't enough

especially when it comes to sharing the rich learning and creativity happening in art class.

So for those of you who have been awaiting a new post here it goes...

I am currently taking an independent study titled Teaching Art & Literacy through picture books. 
One of my assignments is to read, review, reflect, and be inspired by 20 picture books that are new to me.

I have decided to use Olive Art as a place to share the books I find and my ideas. These will not be ideas I have tried and executed, simply sparks of inspiration derived from a short and colorful read. 

I am hoping that these ideas might develop over time, as I water them in my minds and let what's left of my summer vacation shine and pull out the greatness, that is a totally awesome new lesson for my students. One can hope!

So sit back and enjoy the series of posts I am calling the Picture Book Parade! 

If you have ideas for picture books I should read, send the titles my way!

Until then, check out this post on Flavorwire: The 20 Most Beautiful Picture Books of All Time
It's pretty amazing! 

These images are from Flotsam, written and illustrated by David Wiesner.
I had never heard of it, but after seeing these two images on Flavorwire,
I must get my hands on it!

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