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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Art People Unite: Following

Ready to built your Twitter #ArtsEd #PLN?

Surround yourself with good people!

It's important to remember who you follow is what you get.
To get the most out of your feed make sure you follow people who are interested in similar things and post ideas that are inspiring and helpful for others. By being selective your Twitter feed should be hard to scroll through with out seeing something that peeks your interest and encouraging your "favorite". If you start seeing things you don't like you can easily clean up your feed by unfollowing. 

I typically find people to follow based on identified similar interests through chats, hashtags, projects/materials, or good articles and images shared by other people I follow.

This is a list of 30 awesome art educators I follow on Twitter who are already enjoying the perks of being a connected educator. There are way to many amazing art educators and arts advocates on Twitter to name them all.
I scoured my #PLN to bring you 30 PEOPLE TO FOLLOW who will help you build yours! 


Sure to post something worth reading


Art Teachers who's class I want to be in

If you are interested in Technology Integration


Art Ed focused chat leaders

When trying to build your #ArtsEd #PLN, in addition to educators, try searching for your favorite museums and galleries, professional organizations, artists, apps, magazines, authors, illustrators, designers, publishers, and more.

The best advice I have when searching for people to follow on Twitter is... 
don't go into it looking for people to follow you back, instead, go into it looking for people who's posts are going to encourage and inspire you to grow as a person and as an educator.

look from me once your connected!

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Original Post April 30, 2015 
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