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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Get to Know An Art Classroom Experience to Like, Comment, and Share

Get to Know Me and My Blog

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An Art Classroom Experience to Like, Comment, and Share

I am an Art and Gifted Educator, with the belief that teaching is not an occupation: but a lifestyle. I believe that the ability to teach and engage young people is a gift and not to be wasted. I love the Lord, my family, my dogs, and the water. 

I believe that art is an integral part of the world we live in and that connections can be made between art and almost anything, natural or human made. I believe that our school is an extension of and a reflection of our community and that my students learning should be evident in the community we live in. I believe that Art should be fun, engaging, exciting, and that play should be incorporated often. The art classroom should be safe, inviting, and full of life and learning.

But why stop there?

We are always told to "think out side the box". The phrase is overused and without measure, I have to ask... How can one think outside of the box when they are stuck in one all day? The things we do, say, think, learn, and create on a daily basis are wonderful, but rarely seen beyond the four walls of our classroom. This was the reason I started my first blog, Olive Art! Do You??? in 2012. I wanted to share the learning happening in my classroom with other art educators. 

Now, that same feeling, of the need to see more than a final product, has lead me to social media, as a means of sharing my daily classroom experiences. My experiences have amazed me! From advocacy to connecting with parents, community members, artists and authors, to engaging in meaningful professional development beyond what any act 80 day could provide, I am here to say that every teacher should give social media a try.

I am passionate but not an expert. I am still learning, wondering, and trying out new things myself. 
It is my hope that this blog will be enough to get you started, excited, and connected and that soon more art educators will have classrooms to Like, Comment, and Share! 

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Original Post April 15, 2015 
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