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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Around my new classroom

While most teachers are celebrating the end of another school year, I find myself feeling like this year flew by faster than any other. Only in my new classroom a little over two moths, June 11th seemed incredibly early to pack up for summer.  Maybe being the second time I packed up this school year has something to do with it....
I decided to take my time and take pictures I packed. 
Here are some of my tips and tricks for classroom management, 
just little things that help my classroom run smooth, and make it more FUN!

Table Leader Bins

Each month a different group of 5 students have a chance to be the Table Leader.
This is a job that my students are excited to have.
Responsibilities of a Table Leader: 
- Check the bin at the end of each class for 5 of each thing and refill as needed.
I keep Pencils, Erasers, and Scissors in mine.
- Help delegate jobs at cleanup
- Help out when called on to pass out other supplies

Refill Station

This is where student go to find refill supplies for their table bins.

You know the feeling...
It's the end of the day.
Your tired!
You walk around to clean up your room,  gathering the random crayons, pencils, sharpies, ect. 
that have found their way next to the sink, on your desk, and under the the tables.
The last thing you want to do is go through each box and 
figure out who is missing the red violet crayon.

Keep things out in the open

I like to keep as many supplies as possible out in the open and out of their boxes.
I think by allowing students to see the supplies, and get them themselves it promotes a
sense of ownership and responsibility in the art room.

Tip: Get the crayons out of the boxes!!!

It is way easier to clean up misplaced supplies at the end of the day and
by separating them by warm and cool colors you are reinforcing basic skills everyday.

 I used to hate "free draw". It seemed no matter how talented a student, they just couldn't resist the urge
to pick up six crayons at once and scribble. AHHHHH.....
I now know that with clear expectations and lots of options for creative expression
free draw can work and well.

Free Draw and Clay Station

This space for students to get their own free art supplies if  they finish a project.
Here are some of the things I keep in my FREE station...
How to draw books
blank drawing papers
Copied Art activity pages
Bins full of older art supplies (of course they are color coated)
"DRAW IT" cards with quick prompts to help inspire ideas
Paper Plates
Modeling Clay

Who doesn't love a world map?

Here is how I peak student interest in geography though art.
by pinning artists, art movements, traditional crafts, flora and fauna, ect. , as you teach them,
students quickly see

Classroom Management
I use a simple method of flipping letters.
It's basic, 3 strikes and your out!
If (and it doesn't happen often) I have to flip all 3 letters we go into The Quiet Minute.
One of my former coworkers gave me this one. The quiet minute is where students must stay silent for an entire minute
and use that time to get reinvested in what they are doing. 

Pin the tail on: Facial Proportions 

Using sticky tack and dry erase markers it is easy to demonstrate correct facial proportions.
I like to keep the blank face hanging, with the features in an envelope, and allow students to practice and play.

Broken Crayons?

My students love this.
It is amazing how the tub fills up over the course of a school year.
Student's often ask what I am going to do with them and I love to hear
 what ideas they have to "bring the crayons back to life".
My plan is to make new rainbow crayons for prizes.

Keeping track of students

Let's get real... We see a lot of kids and it is impossible to memorize the needs of each one.
Especially now that I am meeting all new faces.
This is the binder I use to keep all important student information in one place.
It is easy to grab for fire drills, flip to quickly when I need to move seats, and check health concerns.
It is also easy for substitutes to use.
It is organized by grade and color.
What's inside:
Seating Charts
Table Leader Chart
Health concerns by class
Notes concerning behavior and behavior plans

Loosing Supplies

I like to be a good sharer but my supplies always seemed to disappear.
By having a sign out I can keep track of what I loan out and when I get it back.

Collaboration made easy

Table cards and Mix-it-up Sticks are just two of my quick and easy methods of mixing up  students.
I have also used decks of cards, shape cutouts, and markers.
The more visible the more you'll use them.

I hope you find some of these ideas helpful. 
I love finding new ways to manage my classroom so please share what works for you!
I will be sure to post more as I set up my classroom for next year. 


  1. Some great ideas here! :)

  2. Great organization! I love all the different ideas! Have a great year! :)