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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Lon Po Po

Olive Art's Picture Book Parade introduces... Lon Po Po (A Red-Riding Hood Story from China)           7                                                             

Published: 1989 Translated & Illustrated by: Ed Young 

I can't believe this book was published when I was 4 and I never read it. I recognized the cover when my 2nd grade teacher friend placed it in my hands but had no idea what Lon Po Po was about.

What a great twist on the classic Red Riding Hood. In this story three children are left home when the mother goes to visit the grandmother. The wold visits the children while the mother is gone, of course posing as the grandmother. I hate to be a spoiler so you will have to read it to see just what happens next but I can say it is worth picking up.

I think this a great story of creative thinking and bravery brought to life through mysterious imagery. Most of the illustrations are a polyptych from of 2-4 panels across a 2 page spread. I immediately saw this as a great reference to art making and art history to share in class.

I could see this being a cool "you finish the story" writing prompt. Where instead of finishing the story stop and allow students to write and illustrate how they might get rid of the wolf.

I wouldn't share how the story really ends until after all of the student writings have been finished and shared.

*The Picture Book Parade!

This series of posts is designed to meet the needs of graduate class, I am currently enrolled in, titled Teaching Art & Literacy through picture books.
One of my assignments is to read, review, reflect, and be inspired by 20 picture books that are new to me and find a way to share them with my classmates, colleges, & PLN. 

 The Ideas shared will not be ideas I have tried and executed, simply sparks of inspiration derived from a short and colorful read. 

I am hoping that these ideas might develop over time, as I water them in my minds and let what's left of my summer vacation shine and pull out the greatness, that is a totally awesome new lesson for my students. One can hope!

So sit back and enjoy the series of posts I am calling the Picture Book Parade!

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