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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pantone Colors

Olive Art's Picture Book Parade introduces... Pantone Colors                9                                                             

Published: 2012 Text, Art, & Compilation: Abrams Appleseed Illustrator: Helen Dardik

Artists and Designers know that Pantone is Royalty when it come to color. Their colors and expertise are used in fashion, home, and graphic design and come in tints, shades, and values far beyond what you can find in the larges box of crayons.

This is a simple color book from the "Color Authority" that depicts a simple image using a variety of each color. Take the lion for example... We might say the lion is "yellow" but when we break it down Yellow is not a solitary color. The lion is "Raincoat Yellow, "Duckling Yellow", " School Bus Yellow" and more. Each page is like this showing values of yellow, orange, red, pink, purple (yes! Pantone uses the word "purple"! "Violet Purple" - Pantone 258 is it's very own color!), blue, green, brown, & black, gray, white. 

When I saw this book at the book store I couldn't help but grab it and say "I'm getting this!" out-loud.

I always think about walking in the Macungie Park with my friend Pam. She loves nature and on our walks would always talk about and snap pictures of the things we would see in nature. She once told me a story about how a friend of hers told her that the tree was not just green and brown and went on to ask me what colors I saw. 

Now every time I see a sycamore tree, I see camouflage, I think of the shades of red and purple that I described that day. 

I think this book would be so fun to take outside (or around the school), maybe with a plethora of paint chips and have students explore color. They could keep a color journal and try to create that various "colors" they see in a single object and write about it.

This could be great for writing metaphors. 

*The Picture Book Parade!

This series of posts is designed to meet the needs of graduate class, I am currently enrolled in, titled Teaching Art & Literacy through picture books.
One of my assignments is to read, review, reflect, and be inspired by 20 picture books that are new to me and find a way to share them with my classmates, colleges, & PLN. 

 The Ideas shared will not be ideas I have tried and executed, simply sparks of inspiration derived from a short and colorful read. 

I am hoping that these ideas might develop over time, as I water them in my minds and let what's left of my summer vacation shine and pull out the greatness, that is a totally awesome new lesson for my students. One can hope!

So sit back and enjoy the series of posts I am calling the Picture Book Parade!

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