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Sunday, May 31, 2015

One word Connections

A few years ago I just couldn't leave Target without this Thought Bubble White Board, and I finally found a use for it that I like.

Now I can display artworks and allow students to choose appropriate descriptors. The more they search for words that work the more they will see in the artwork itself.

This ties in nicely with a little game I like to play called "Tell Me what You See".

I often play this with my students when looking at a new work of art. The First phase of art criticism is Observation. In this game students are asked to tell me what they see in as close to one word as possible. For the artwork above students might call out words like "rain", "buildings", "dark", "glow".... I think this is a fun way to get students to notice something new in art without having to point it out to them.  Ultimately the more words they come up with the more the students SEE.

Above Post From Olive Art! Do You??? Monday, August 19, 2013

I now keep this board in my Free Art Station for a fun activity for students to do when they finish a project early.

New Idea:
These magnets could easily be made larger for use on a white board. 
Before presenting a new work of art, give each student a few magnets. They can un-code the work by sharing words that connect, do not connect, and why. 

This would take a little more preparation but once the cards are made, they could be used over and over again in any lesson.

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